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About Page2Phone Alerting Service

Page2Phone is a service that will alert responders that an emergency call is in progress by notifying them via email, cell phone or other wireless device.

We monitor your frequency for the same tones that activate you pagers, sirens and other alerting devices. When the proper tone is detected we send an audio recording of the dispatched information to your device.

This service is intended to work with your existing paging system extending coverage to areas that are not covered by your current paging system. This also allows for an alternate method of alerting for users that don’t always carry a pager, for example when at work.

Highlighted Features
  • Each user manages their own account, company administrator can manage all accounts
  • Users can select which tones will cause messages to be sent to their device
  • Users can specify times of the day to receive messages
  • Dispatched audio message sent directly to your phone
  • Listen to live scanner audio from an internet connection including on smart phones
  • Entire call is recorded and archived, playback available from the internet at any time
  • Ability to receive pages for multiple agencies and from multiple dispatch centers (Example: County 1, County 2, etc.)
  • Manually send messages any time to all of your members or selective groups (Ex. Officers)

For pricing, free trial, or more information contact Page2Phone.


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